About us

Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entity Professional Academy (R/N 404591866) was founded on 28 th of January 2020. The management is staffed with professional and experienced team from representatives of the tourism, hospitality and education industries.

Mission – Promotion of high quality and affordable education and science system in line with international standards in tourism, hospitality, education and business, through close communication with the labor market. Development of human capital and promotion of full realization of citizens’ capacities.

Goal – To support lifelong learning. To support the citizens with competitive, competent and professional trainings and retrainings, for their employment, personal and professional development.

Vision – General, vocational and higher education systems in line with the labor market.

The Academy operates in two directions:

1. Professional orientation.                                                                                                                                      2. Promoting the improvement of qualifications in the public, educational and business sectors.

The direction of “professional orientation” is focused on the following topics:

1. Provide career planning information to anyone interested in short term, long term, dual, work
based and vocational education.

2. Inform interested persons on vocational education opportunities, human resources, material- technical basis or organizations providing practical training offered by a particular institution.

3. organize Open Days for interested individuals in vocational colleges and secondary schools to inform.

4. Assist to the interested applicants in registering on vocational programs.

5. Monitor graduates’ employment databases.           

6. Collaborate with organizations that provide students with short and long-term training and re-

7. Informing students and graduates about their job opportunities related to their qualifications.

8. Assist interested individuals in preparing a resume, cover letter and interview.

The direction of “promoting the improvement of qualifications in the public, educational and business sectors” is focused on the following topics:

1. Communicate with employers and employees for the purpose of upgrading and sustainability
of vocational or higher education.
2. Improve the quality of service in the tourism and hospitality industry.
3. Implementation of short and long-term trainings, vocational and higher educational programs.
4. Short-term and long-term mentor training courses.
5. Facilitate participation in international exchange vocational and higher educational programs.
6. Regional development: Establishment of short and long-term trainings, vocational and higher
educational institutions.
7. Establish new educational courses based on market needs.
8. Membership in international educational organizations.
9. Develop cooperation with foreign partners and attract investment.
10. Establish branches of international vocational colleges on the existing training base.                           

A bridge to your professional career.